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Adam Symson

President and Chief Executive Officer Read More

Lisa Knutson

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Read More

Brian Lawlor

President, Local Media Read More

Laura Tomlin

Executive Vice President, National Media Read More

Bill Appleton

Executive Vice President and General Counsel Read More

Robin Davis

Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development Read More

Bryan Dunbar

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Read More

David Giles

Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer Read More

Robert Kalutkiewicz

Vice President of Strategy, New Business and Corporate Development Read More

Mark Koors

Vice President, Audit and Compliance Read More

Doug Lyons

Senior Vice President, Controller and Treasurer Read More

Julie McGehee

Vice President, HR-Operations and Corporate Secretary Read More

Carolyn Micheli

Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Read More

Kerry Oslund

Vice President, Strategy and Business Development Read More

Danyelle S.T. Wright

Vice President, Employment and Labor Law, Chief Diversity Officer Read More

Pat Browning

Chief Information Officer Read More