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“What happened to the perfect child?”

Excellence in Broadcast National/International Coverage, Honoring Jack R. Howard

48 Hours, 2022

Author(s): Troy Roberts, Patti Aronofsky, Murray Weiss and Doreen Schechter | 48 Hours


CBS correspondent Troy Roberts revisits a story he first covered 20 years ago when an American family’s attempt to adopt a little girl from Russia ended with the child being returned to Moscow and admitted to a psychiatric hospital. Roberts reunited with the girl, now a mother of four living in North Carolina, and documented the long-lasting impact that moment two decades ago had on all involved, including himself.

Honoring Jack R. Howard
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Jack R. Howard is credited with expanding The E.W. Scripps Company’s presence in the field of broadcasting. In 1937, he was elected president of the Scripps radio company. Jack succeeded his father, Roy W. Howard, as president of Scripps-Howard in 1953. He retired in 1976.