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“The War on Ukraine”

Excellence in National/International Video Storytelling


Author(s): (“Putin’s Road to War”; “Ukraine: Life Under Russia’s Attack”; “Putin’s Attack on Ukraine: Documenting War Crimes,” in collaboration with AP; “Crime Scene: Bucha,” in collaboration with AP, SITU Research; and “Putin’s War at Home”)


In a series of five in-depth film documentaries, FRONTLINE journalists flexed their formidable investigative reporting muscle to provide viewers a deeper understanding of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 

In collaboration with The Associated Press and SITU Research, FRONTLINE’s timely documentaries delved deep into the staggering humanitarian impact of Russia’s military aggression. The filmmakers and journalists provided revealing context and analysis for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, documented war crimes and told the heart-wrenching stories of civilian life in Ukraine under Russia’s attack.  

The series of films are exceptional and break new ground in documentary journalism through the use of cutting-edge investigative reporting techniques and technologies. The collaborative reporting project drew upon hundreds of hours of security camera footage and intercepted cell phone conversations. It also relied on 3D modeling to provide forensic evidence of war crimes.  

Filmmakers spent 10 weeks in-country, directing and producing on the ground, tracking the struggles of civilians who chose to stay despite the danger. FRONTLINE journalists also embedded themselves with Ukrainian forces on or near the frontlines.  

The collaborative FRONTLINE series is groundbreaking documentary journalism combined with artful storytelling.