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“The Cost of War”

Excellence in Visual Journalism

The Associated Press, SITU Research, 2022

Author(s): Staff | The Associated Press, SITU Research


In May 2021, the Israeli military launched an airstrike that leveled the al-Jalaa building. The building was the world’s window into the impoverished and conflict-riven Gaza Strip and home to The Associated Press offices. It was reduced to dust and rubble. Even as their office building was leveled, Associated Press journalists never faltered in their dedication to bring the story of the conflict to the world.

“The Cost of War” is a definitive account of the destructive 11-day war between Hamas and Israel. The body of work’s primary focus is the civilian toll. It includes an immersive look at how one Gaza neighborhood and its residents have weathered the recurring cycle of destruction and rebuilding during 13 years of intermittent war.

The body of work includes a poignant collection of portraits of Gaza’s children and illustrates the cycle of death and destruction that permeates the community, shining a light on the faces of generational trauma. The coverage included relatable glimpses of daily life on both sides of the conflict. The result was a nuanced, multi-faceted look at the war, its root causes and its aftermath.

In collaboration with SITU Research, The Associated Press team developed a more textured account of the conflict in Gaza and its impact on the people involved than ever before.