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“One Day”

Excellence in Local Video Storytelling

KGW (Portland, Oregon), 2023


In the powerful documentary “One Day,’’ the KGW News team spotlighted Portland’s pervasive homelessness issue.  

Shot entirely during a single 24-hour period, the KGW team told 13 individual stories of people whose lives were affected by homelessness. By giving voice to those who are directly impacted, “One Day” provided its audience with a deeper understanding of the amount of time, money and effort devoted each day to addressing the underlying causes of homelessness and the extreme stress the problem places on Portland’s social service ecosystem.  

Through careful planning ahead of the one-day shoot, KGW made sure it told diverse and compelling stories that included a single mom living in an RV; an emergency room doctor who treats homeless patients every day; a blind woman who lives with her husband and adult son in a tent; and a person recovering from addiction who gives back by providing free haircuts to people experiencing homelessness.  

“One Day” is an extraordinary example of local video storytelling at its best.