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“Gideon’s Army”

Excellence in Broadcast Local Coverage, Honoring Jack R. Howard

WTVF NewsChannel 5 Nashville, 2022

Author(s): Phil Williams and Bryan Staples | WTVF NewsChannel 5 Nashville


NewsChannel 5 uncovered abuses and exposed exaggerated claims by a high-profile, nonprofit organization that had pledged to eliminate violence in one of Nashville’s higher crime neighborhoods. The station’s series on Gideon’s Army revealed over-stated success rates, the employment of a notorious street gang leader, misuse of taxpayer money, false claims about its programs and more. The investigative series led to the organization pleading guilty to federal firearms charges and establishing more rigorous financial controls.

Honoring Jack R. Howard
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Jack R. Howard is credited with expanding The E.W. Scripps Company’s presence in the field of broadcasting. In 1937, he was elected president of the Scripps radio company. Jack succeeded his father, Roy W. Howard, as president of Scripps-Howard in 1953. He retired in 1976.