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“Disease, Inequity and Resilience in South L.A.”

Excellence in Human Interest Storytelling, honoring Ernie Pyle

Los Angeles Times, 2022

Author(s): Joe Mozingo and Francine Orr | Los Angeles Times


Los Angeles Times reporter Joe Mozingo and photographer Francine Orr told the heart wrenching stories of families impacted by Covid-19’s unchecked spread in South L.A. Their work captured the pandemic’s profound, human toll and shined a bright light on a century of neglectful public policy that made conditions ripe for catastrophe for one of the city’s most vulnerable populations.

Honoring Ernie Pyle
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During World War II, Ernie Pyle worked for Scripps-Howard as a journalist embedded with the troops he chronicled. Readers in America saw the war through Ernie’s eyes as he recounted in detail the dangers the soldiers experienced and the fears they felt while serving on the front line.