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“Black Snow: Big Sugar’s Burning Problem”

Excellence in Innovation, honoring Roy W. Howard

The Palm Beach Post, ProPublica, 2022

Author(s): Lulu Ramadan| The Palm Beach Post, Ash Ngu, Maya Miller and Nadia Sussman | ProPublica


The Palm Beach Post and ProPublica produced a first of-its-kind analysis of pollution linked to sugar cane burning that called attention to the negative health effects of the practice. The innovative collaboration raised public awareness and led to new research and regulation, addressing an issue in Florida’s sugar fields that has disproportionately impacted nearby Black and Hispanic communities.

Honoring Roy W. Howard
Black and white photo of a man holding a pipe in his left hand and a newspaper in his right hand

In 1921, Roy W. Howard became chairman of the board and business director of Scripps. One of the most influential newsmen of his day, Roy served as president of the company until he retired in 1952, when he was named chairman of the company’s executive committee.