photo of Scripps building in Cincinnati

Natalie Wenstrup
Program Operations Specialist

Natalie Wenstrup is a program operations specialist for the Scripps Howard Fund. She is responsible for accounts payable processing and tracking pledges and spending from various funds. 

Prior to joining the Fund, Natalie worked for a startup company in Cincinnati where she helped build procedures and drive sales. She has worked with nonprofits in the Cincinnati area since 2015.  

Natalie earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Cincinnati in 2018. 

Natalie assists with the Scripps Howard Fund’s “If You Give a Child a Book …” campaign and is proud to work on a campaign that makes a positive impact in someone’s life. 

Natalie is a Cincinnati, Ohio native who enjoys baking, reading, dogs and Graeter’s ice-cream.

You can reach Natalie by email or by calling 513-977-3034.