Giving in Our Hometown

The Scripps Howard Foundation divides its grant cycles into two categories: applications for funds at $15,000 and under; and letters of intent for grants greater than $15,000. Our funding priorities: childhood literacy and basic needs for people living in poverty.

Our main area of focus is funding childhood literacy programs, prioritizing children living in poverty. This supports our mission to create a better informed world. Grant funding is provided to assist in the following areas:

  • Implementing new, or expanding existing, childhood literacy programs.
  • Purchasing books, materials or new technology for childhood literacy programs.
  • Creation or expansion of summer reading programs to address summer reading loss.
  • Supporting childhood literacy programs that help students who read below grade level or have trouble reading.
  • Building home libraries for those children of low socioeconomic status.


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Small Grants

Less than $15,000

Applications accepted: Jan. 1 through midnight April 17; Aug. 1 through midnight Sept. 22
Grants announced: May 22; Oct. 23

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Large Grants

$15,000 and greater

Deadlines for letters of intention: Jan. 1 through midnight April 17; Aug. 1 through midnight Sept. 22
Nonprofits invited to submit full application: May 22; Oct. 23
Grants announced: July 1, Dec. 11

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Communication internships

The Foundation will accept nonprofits’ applications for 2021 internship grants between Aug. 1 and Sept. 14.

Since 2002, the Scripps Howard Foundation has funded more than 900 internships in the Greater Cincinnati region.

The program has been mutually beneficial for students and nonprofits. Students learn new skills and the inner workings of the nonprofit world from their supervisors. In return, students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom – and bring their training in new media to the organizations they serve.

Scripps Howard Communication Internships are available for junior and senior communication, journalism and marketing students at University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Northern Kentucky University and Miami University.

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Internship details

Up to $2,000

Greater Cincinnati nonprofits can apply for internship grants Aug. 1 and Sept. 14
Grants announced: Oct. 2

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Not in our Hometown?

For organizations outside of Greater Cincinnati, the Foundation make grants on an invitation basis only and only in the regions where Scripps operates.