Childhood Literacy

Children living in poverty begin their lives with a host of disadvantages, among them: poor literacy skills. Studies show children who grow up with books in the home enjoy a substantial advantage over children who do not.

The Scripps Howard Foundation is committed to putting books into the hands of children in need across the country. This commitment is supported by the belief that literacy is a powerful antidote to poverty and a critical step to creating a better-informed world.

Since 2017, The Scripps Howard Foundation has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars toward family literacy initiatives in Cincinnati where the Foundation is headquartered.

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“If you give a child a book …”

The Scripps Howard Foundation puts books into the hands of children in need across the country through the “If You Give a Child a Book …” campaign.

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Childhood Literacy Grants

Since January 2017, the Foundation has made more than $215,000 in grants through the Bob Scripps Community Fund to bolster childhood literacy in communities across the country, in the form of book giveaways, book fairs and other programs to invest in childhood literacy programs within their communities.

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