Life at Scripps

At Scripps you can write your own story.

We are a company rich in media history while staying focused on the future. Scripps is one of the nation's largest independent TV station owners. Our 33 television stations are vibrant businesses. From this position of strength, we are working to stay ahead of the ways in which people use technology to find news and information. But no matter what platform we use, we will always ascribe to our longtime motto: Give light and the people will find their own way.

At Scripps your career opportunities are as endless as your imagination and initiative. Our goal is to hire the best, to spark your passion for the job, and then to nourish your career with tools that will help you to learn and to excel.

Scripps is a place of action and energy, where entrepreneurship and innovation are rewarded. Here, we encourage the hearts of our employees to relish our victories and learn from our failures. We are not just running a business; we are continuing a tradition of respect, compassion and excellence that serves our employees and our communities well.

Many of our people have personal stories about how Scripps has enabled them to take on a new career or to grow in their current position. Join us, and contribute your own chapter to our story.


Scripps is a place where creativity has taken over. We dress up when we need to, dress down when we can and always maintain professionalism. Scripps is focused on creating great work, and great work comes from people who love what they do.

We invest in our employees by providing leadership and sales training as well as many other professional and personal development classes and opportunities. Our core values of courage, compassion, excellence, fairness, integrity and respect are the foundation for our actions. They are fundamental to who we choose to be on the team. We respect our employees and encourage them to challenge the process. We are not just running a business; we do well by doing good. We work together to live our mission to inform, engage and empower our communities.


Scripps provides the resources to help you maintain stability in your life. We want you to be able to focus on doing amazing things with us. That’s why you’ll find benefits that put your mind at ease — everything from medical insurance and retirement planning to adoption assistance and tuition reimbursement. Scripps provides benefits for employees and their eligible dependents. This includes coverage for legally married, opposite sex domestic partners and same sex domestic partners.

Professional Development

As Scripps has grown, so too have the opportunities. We’re offering jobs in cities all across the country where competition is stiff and our reputation helps us to attract the very best. One of the draws is every employee has access to invaluable professional development. This includes online learning, leadership training and opportunities for industry conferences.

Community Outreach

Community-focused storytelling is our passion, and the stories most important to our success are those lived every day by our employees. They give their time and energy to volunteer at community nonprofits or serve on boards. Our stations rally for annual events such as toy and food drives. Some broadcast telethons to benefit first responders while others take a stand against domestic violence. Our employees also leverage the generosity of the Scripps Howard Foundation for grants that empower each employee to contribute to their community in a way that is personal and meaningful.