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The Scripps News Washington Bureau is a leading investigative storyteller on all the Scripps-owned media platforms. The bureau also operates DecodeDC, a podcast and narrative reporting tool aimed at smart, curious people of all ages who want political coverage that is rooted in D.C. but is not of D.C. The bureau’s team also produces content for broadcast television.

The Scripps Washington Bureau opened in 1917. From the beginning, its mission was to provide Americans with enterprise journalism about Washington. Among its famous alumni is roving World War II correspondent Ernie Pyle.

The bureau is run by Ellen Weiss, vice president and bureau chief. Reach the bureau at 202-408-1484.

Right to Remain Silent

A Scripps News investigation found that 19 of the 50 largest police forces in the United States grant officers involved in shootings some kind of waiting period, either for an internal probe looking into whether an officer followed policy or a criminal investigation. When video evidence in a police-action shooting in Dallas contradicts a police officer's recollection of events, the police chief instituted a new policy that many critics describe as self-serving.

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Dereliction of Duty

A collaborative investigation between the Scripps News Washington Bureau and uncovered a state of disorder at the VA Medical Center in Cincinnati. Nearly three dozen whistleblowers, including doctors, came forward to share urgent concerns about the quality of care at the facility, which serves more than 40,000 area veterans. A series of stories sparked immediate changes in personnel and a thorough review at the federal level.

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Keyless Ignition Investigation

A Scripps News investigation reveals deaths linked to keyless ignition vehicles continue, four years after federal regulators declared a “clear safety problem.” The problem: Drivers of keyless cars can remove the key fob, but inadvertently leave the car running and emitting carbon monoxide without the fob present. The feds say a fix would have “minimal” financial costs but the auto industry has repeatedly delayed action.

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Under the Radar

In a Peabody Award-winning investigation the Scripps Washington Bureau conducted an exhaustive, unprecedented review of more than 1,300 military court martial cases and discovered at least 242 convicted military rapists, child molesters, and other sex offenders had fallen under the radar and slipped through what a member of the House Armed Services Committee calls a “gaping loophole” in the system.

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Eyes Wide Shut

A Scripps News investigation has discovered an alarming number of consumers, businesses and other entities nationwide that unknowingly leave back doors wide open to their online video feeds and computer networks. Simple tools available to everyone are making those live video feeds easily accessible putting the privacy of many innocent victims at risk. If you think a password protects you, you may have your eyes wide shut.

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Veterans in Crisis

Several complaints about the national Veterans Crisis Line prompted the Coalition of Veterans Organizations to describe it as “seriously deficient” in a letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2014.
The Scripps Washington Bureau investigated numerous examples of veterans who called for help, but instead got voicemail or no answer.

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Fatal Terrain

A Scripps News’ analysis of the latest CPSC data found 1,243 fatal crashes involving ATVs on public roads in a five-year period from 2009 to 2013. Of those public road fatalities, 852, or 68 percent, occurred on paved public roads. In comparison, there were 999 fatal off-road ATV crashes over the same five-year period.

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About the Bureau

The Bureau is a leader in national investigative reporting across all platforms. The broadcast team provides coverage for all Scripps stations across the country. The Bureau also produces DecodeDC, a podcast and website aimed at making sense of Washington's politics, culture, people and policies.