Scripps endorses TVB's position on local Live Plus Same Day ratings

Mon, September 09, 2013 by Carolyn Micheli

The E.W. Scripps Company today announced its support for TVB's position that local Live + Same Day ("L+SD") ratings is more representative of the national C3 standard than Live-Only ratings. TVB's analysis of Nielsen data, including the most recent July sweep, reveals a consistent trend where the gap between L+SD and C3 is narrowing while the gap between Live-Only and C3 continues to widen.

"The E.W. Scripps Company absolutely supports Live + Same Day as the local currency that most closely approximates national C3 data," said Brian Lawlor, senior vice president of the Scripps television division. "We have solid data that prove, number one, a significant majority of DVR playback is done on the same day and, number two, Live + Same Day ratings are consistently closer to the national C3 currency than Live-Only ratings.

“Overlooking time shifting in local viewing doesn't mean it doesn't exist, just that it isn't counted,” Lawlor added. “The research is clear – advertisers are getting a benefit from these ads because local viewers are seeing them within 24 hours. We believe it is only fair for the value of those ads to be counted in the daily measurement. We support the TVB's position on L+SD."

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