Julie McGehee

Corporate Secretary/Vice President

Julie McGehee, 53, is the corporate secretary as well as the vice president of compensation and benefits, with responsibility for designing, planning and implementing the company's strategies for delivering rewards packages that attract and retain talented employees.

As corporate secretary her responsibilities include coordinating all activities of the full board and its committees, facilitating interaction between directors and senior management, and managing the annual shareholders meeting.

For the previous seven years, Julie had been at Duke Energy where she has held positions within the executive compensation, compensation and benefits areas. She was the primary point of contact for executives under purview of the board's compensation committee. She also oversaw equity administration and was responsible for the long-term incentive plan process. Julie previously was an HR manager at Cintas Corporation, and also has held HR/finance positions at Corporex, Inc., Key Bank and Cincinnati Microwave. She received her bachelor's in accounting from NKU and a law degree from the Chase College of Law.