65th Annual Scripps Howard Awards Winners

The Scripps Howard Awards are among journalism's most prestigious prizes, recognizing the finest in American journalism across all platforms and honoring a wide variety of news organizations. The winners of the 2017 awards are featured in the gallery below.

View the live broadcast of the 65th Annual Scripps Howard Awards program from April 19, 2018 on YouTube, here.

Breaking News

Winner: Breaking News

The 2017 Scripps Howard Award for Breaking News was presented to the San Francisco Chronicle for its multiplatform coverage of Northern California's wildfires in October 2017.

Broadcast/National, International

Winner: Broadcast/National, International

The 2017 Jack R. Howard Award in Broadcast/National, International Coverage was granted to Debora Patta, Sarah Carter and Meshack Dube of CBS News.

Broadcast/Local Coverage

Winner: Broadcast/Local Coverage

The 2017 Jack R. Howard Award for Local Broadcast Coverage was presented to WXIA-TV (Atlanta).

Business/Financial Reporting

Winner: Business/Financial Reporting

The William Brewster Styles Award for Business/Financial Reporting was presented to Brian Grow, John Shiffman and the Reuters team.

Community Journalism

Winner: Community Journalism

The Bristol Herald Courier (Bristol, Virginia) won the 2017 award for Community Journalism with its series, "Addicted at Birth." The award was presented in partnership with Google News Lab.

Environmental Reporting

Winner: Environmental Reporting

Oregonian/Oregon Live reporter Kale Williams was the winner of the 2017 Edward J. Meeman Award for Environmental Reporting with his story, "The Loneliest Polar Bear."

Distinguished Service to the First Amendment

Winner: Distinguished Service to the First Amendment

The 2017 Edward Willis Scripps Award for Distinguished Service to the First Amendment was presented to The Kansas City Star.

Human Interest Storytelling

Winner: Human Interest Storytelling

The 2017 Ernie Pyle Award for Human Interest Storytelling was presented to John Woodrow Cox of the Washington Post.


The 2017 Impact Award was presented to The New York Times for its series, "Harassed."


Winner: Roy W. Howard Award for Innovation

The 2017 Roy W. Howard Award for Innovation was presented to the Arizona Republic with the USA TODAY Network.

Investigative Reporting

Winner: Investigative Reporting

The 2017 Ursula and Gilbert Farfel Prize for Investigative Reporting went to The New York Times for its series, "Harassed."

Multimedia Journalism

Winner: Multimedia Journalism

The Washington Post was the winner of the Scripps Howard Award for Multimedia Journalism.


Winner: Opinion

The 2017-2018 Walker Stone Award for Opinion was presented to columnist Melinda Henneberger of The Kansas City Star.

Radio/Podcast, In-Depth Coverage

Winner: Radio/Podcast, In-Depth Coverage

Laura Heaton, Michael May, Marianna McCune, Gregory Warner and Jess Jiang, of the NPR podcast "Rough Translation," were presented the 2017 Jack R. Howard Award for Radio/Podcast, In-Depth Coverage for its story, "The Congo We Listen To."

Reporter Michael May is pictured above.

Topic of the Year

Winner: Topic of he Year

Elle Reeve, Tracy Jarrett, Josh Davis and Joe LoCascio of VICE News (New York) were presented with the 2017 Topic of the Year Award for its story, "Charlottesville: Race and Terror."

Visual Journalism

Winner: Visual Journalism

The Scripps Howard Award for Visual Journalism was presented to Leah Millis for her work with the San Francisco Chronicle.