Scripps Howard Communication Internship program

Practical experience + nonprofit support = success for all

“The Scripps Howard Foundation is making it possible to get real world experience beyond the classroom which is invaluable. As competitive as college is today, this opportunity gets me one step closer to a career post-graduation. On behalf of Scripps Howard Foundation interns everywhere, thank you for your continued involvement and investment in college students with non-profit internships across the Greater Cincinnati area. Your support is very much appreciated each and every day.”

— Alex Ryb, University of Cincinnati student Scripps Howard Foundation intern at Jewish Family Service

Sherry Kaplan and Alex Ryb at a lunch for Holocaust survivors

Sherry Kaplan and Alex Ryb at a lunch for Holocaust survivors

Since 2002, the Scripps Howard Foundation has funded more than 600 internships in the Greater Cincinnati region.

The Scripps Howard Communication Internship program began as a way to further communication students’ education with hands-on experience as well as offer additional support to nonprofit organizations in the region where both The E.W. Scripps Company and the Scripps Howard Foundation are headquartered.

Sherry Kaplan, Director of Marketing for Jewish Family Service, represents one of the nearly 60 nonprofit executives to hire a Scripps Howard Communication Intern. This past summer, she served as UC senior Alex Ryb’s supervisor.

“In his short time here Alex edited the Keynote presentation for our annual meeting (and graciously stayed two hours longer one day to help meet a deadline), created a Twitter campaign to reach internationally adopted college-age mentors for a new youth mentoring program, reconfigured photos from the annual meeting for press and website use, identified keywords to optimize our adoption site, and participated in an adoption advertising campaign,” Sherry said. On top of all of those accomplishments, Alex helped build and optimize a new mobile responsive website.

In addition to giving Sherry an extra hand, Alex learned about technology and techniques that hadn’t yet been covered in the classroom.

“I told him to use ‘down time’ to explore the Adobe software (Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator) on his computer since these are programs that I use in my job every day,” Sherry said. “We also have discussed the importance of writing content for Google-optimized searches, and how to incorporate the keywords into the copy to still be reader-friendly.”

Quite a few internships have resulted in continued employment for the students.

“My Scripps Howard Foundation intern from last summer, Hannah Gessendorf, is still working for me two days a week,” Sherry said. “And I hope she will remain here after she graduates in December.”