College Students

The next generation

Today’s journalism and communication students are preparing for careers in an industry that is undergoing tremendous change. The Scripps Howard Foundation is supporting their career development with internships, scholarships, competitions and programs that expand their awareness and raise their expectations.

Scripps Days are big event opportunities where leaders from Scripps share expertise with college students at the Foundation’s primary partner schools - Ohio University, Hampton University and Florida International University. In one day, students learn what it takes to succeed beyond the classroom.

In today’s competitive job market, students often need more than a diploma to land their dream job. But many can’t afford to work in paid - or even unpaid - internships. Our stipends make vital hands-on experience and career-building networks possible.

Talented students compete on a level playing field - regardless of the size of their universities or the depth of their experience. Our competitions reward innovative ideas, career aspirations and journalism that matters.