Literacy campaign

If you give a child a book...think of all the possibilities for creativity, inspiration, fun, adventure and learning.

When children are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty, every day they deal with critical questions such as, "Where is my next meal?" and "Where will I sleep tonight?" Sometimes the farthest thing from their minds and those of their parents is, "What book will I read tonight?" or "Who will read me a bedtime story?"

The Scripps Howard Foundation along with The E.W. Scripps Company both believe strongly in the importance of early literacy and the power of the written word. To empower children by equipping them with their very own book, the Foundation coordinated its first-ever literacy campaign for all Scripps employees asking them to donate money to buy books.

The campaign was an amazing success. Employees from all across the country pledged $86,979. Thanks to generous matches from Scripps family members, the total amount pledged was $142,979.

Every dollar collected in the markets where Scripps has a presence, will stay in those local markets to purchase new books to be delivered to a non-profit organization(s) chosen by each station.

The Foundation will cover the cost of the books up front so that book selection and donation can happen early in 2017.