Brian Lawlor

Senior Vice President/Broadcast

Brian Lawlor, 50, is senior vice president, Broadcast, for The E.W. Scripps Company. Brian oversees the company’s television and radio divisions. Since assuming his current role in 2009, Brian has overseen the rapid growth of our broadcasting assets from 10 TV stations in 2009 to 33 TV stations and 34 radio stations in 2017, making Scripps the sixth largest independent owner of TV stations in the country.

As a highly respected member of the television community, in 2012 Broadcasting and Cable Magazine named him “Broadcaster of the Year” for the TV industry and one of the “80 Most Influential People in Television.” He has been the driving force in the successful launch of Scripps national programming which includes “Right This Minute,” “The List” and “The Now.”

Brian currently serves as the television board chairman for the National Association of Broadcasters and the chairman of the ABC Board of Governors. He is the former president and chairman of the NBC Affiliates Board.

Brian holds a bachelor's degree from King's College and an MBA from the University of Miami, Florida.