Digital Evolution

Newsy is a national digital video news service whose opportunities and platforms are evolving rapidly.

Scripps bought Newsy in early 2014 to serve digital video consumers with a national news platform that would enhance our local TV markets’ digital news coverage. Newsy provides both analysis of existing national media coverage and its own reporting on the big stories across the country and the world.

In late 2014, we put Newsy video players on the Scripps television station websites as a way to build the Newsy audience and enhance national news coverage for our stations’ web users.

Newsy’s primary product has been its mobile app, where we push out notifications and one swipe will bring the user into the app to see a quick video that provides a mixture of depth, context and fresh perspective on a story. We have found the Newsy approach resonates in particular with millennials.

In early 2015 Newsy introduced a product for over-the-top (OTT) television – programming delivered through the Internet – and we are continuing to see increasing numbers of options for its content.

National audiences are just now reaching scale on OTT and other emerging platforms for media. Newsy is already serving fast-growing audiences on Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV, and we expect to form other platform and distribution partnerships soon. Between September 2014 and March 2015, Newsy’s OTT television video views have grown by more than 50 percent.

Digital video is becoming a big business. Last year, Newsy delivered about 650 million video views across the various Scripps partnerships and platforms.

“Scripps bought Newsy because we see it as a highly scalable business that appeals to a young demographic and has promising OTT opportunity,” said Adam Symson, senior vice president and chief digital officer for Scripps. “We expect to continue to make strategic, relevant investments in this space because digital news and information consumption is the fastest-growing part of the media business.”


Adding to the story

Adding to the story