Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Standing left to right: Anne La Dow, Roger Ogden, John Hayden, Kelly Conlin, Rich Boehne
Sitting left to right: Kim Williams, Paul Scripps, Marvin Quin, Mary Peirce

Richard A. Boehne

Chairman of the Board since 2013. President and Chief Executive Officer since July 2008. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer from April 2006 to June 2008, and Executive Vice President from February 1999 until June 2008.

Kelly Conlin

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NameMedia, Inc. since 2006. Director since 2013.

John W. Hayden

President and CEO of CJH Consulting. President and CEO of The Midland Company from 1988 to 2010. Director since 2008.

Roger L. Ogden

Retired since July 2007. President and General Manager of KUSA Denver from August 1997 until July 2005. President and CEO of Gannett Broadcasting from July 2005 until July 2007. Senior Vice President of Design, Innovation and Strategy for Gannett Co., Inc. from June 2006 until July 2007. Director since 2008.

Mary McCabe Peirce

Trustee of The Edward W. Scripps Trust from March 2008 until the Trust terminated in March 2013. Director since 2008.

J. Marvin Quin

Retired since May 2008. Chief Financial Officer of Ashland Inc. from 1992 until April 2008. Held various executive positions with Ashland from June 1972 through May 2008. Lead director since 2013. Director since 2009.

Kim Williams

Retired since 2006, Senior Vice President, Partner, and Associate Director of Global Industry Research at Wellington Management Company, LLP from 1995 until 2001, Senior Vice President, Partner, Global Industry Analyst from 1986 until 1995. Director since 2008.

Anne M. La Dow

Private investor and former Human Resources Director of the Ventura County Star. Director since 2012.

Paul K. Scripps

Retired since January 2002, Vice President, Newspapers of the Company from November 1997 to December 2001 and Chairman from December 1989 to June 1997 of a subsidiary of the Company. Director since 1986. Paul retired from the Board in 2015.


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